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This small (well — I suppose these days it's about medium-sized) site is organized into three main directories: the main body of HTML and CSS content, located in the root and main directories; the set of non-HTML and stand-alone pages referenced in the body of the site, located in the pub directory; and images and so on linked to from or transcluded in the site, located in the media directory. Location in the directory tree is indicated on the top of each page.

The below list is a listing by directory, done alphabetically. For a logical list, simply follow the flow emanating from ~/index.html.

Table of contents

Main (~)


  1. general.css: Sitewide CSS file
  2. about.html: Biographical and website information
  3. chucks.html: Painted Chuck Taylors
  4. hp-essential.html: Mirror of my Huffington Post article, Harm reduction is essential to combat the addiction epidemic
  5. hp-landmark.html: Mirror of my Huffington Post article, Landmark decision opens first needle exchange in conservative Orange County
  6. index.html: Front page
  7. designs.html: Designs, primarily for t-shirts and logos of projects I've worked on
  8. map.html: Site map
  9. monkeywrench.html: Archive for Monkeywrench, my radio show on KUCI, 88.9 FM Irvine
  10. pocoapoco.html: Murals in Mexico, photographed in summer 2015
  11. reasons.html: Reasons, a fire art project
  12. twomonths.html: Two Months, a poem
  13. work.html: My work, CV, and publications



  1. apha-talk-2015 (pdf/mp4): Obstacles in harm reduction implementation: lessons from founding the Orange County Needle Exchange Program
  2. bja2013 (pdf): Research paper, Distinct long-term neurocognitive outcomes after equipotent sevoflurane or isoflurane anesthesia in immature rats
  3. cv-kylebarbour (pdf/latex): My curriculum vitae
  4. honors-thesis (pdf/latex): My undergraduate honors thesis on the ROC memory task and results to date, completed Spring 2012
  5. hrc-2016 (pdf/pptx/m4v): Building a needle exchange in the desert: community, legal, and operational aspects of the Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP)
  6. npp2014 (pdf): Research paper, Effect of general anesthesia in infancy on long-term recognition memory in humans and rats
  7. roc-testing-poster (pdf/txt): Research poster on the ROC memory task, completed Spring 2011
  8. satpp2017 (pdf): Students as effective harm reductionists and needle exchange organizers
  9. suds-talk-2015 (pdf): Clean needles save lives: a conversation about needle exchange


  1. aoms (png): T-shirt design for the 2015 Art of Medicine Symposium
  2. brain (gif): I'm just as surprised as you that there's anything in there.
  3. chucks-% (png: right-outside, right-inside, right-back, left-outside, left-inside, left-back): Painted Chuck Taylors
  4. favicon (ico): Your friendly neighborhood favicon
  5. kylestove (jpg): A man and his Whisperlite
  6. lindy-alisha (mpg): Dancing with Alisha at Le Hot Sauce VI
  7. lindy-christine (mpg): Dancing with Christine at Le Hot Sauce VI
  8. ocnep (png): Logo design for the Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP)
  9. ocnep-realistic (png): Original logo for OCNEP
  10. reasons-% (jpg: patch, desert, sign, hug, burn-begin, burn-later, temple, us): Photos for Reasons, a fire art project
  11. surfmd (png): T-shirt design for the UC Irvine School of Medicine



All of the below are for ~/pocoapoco.html.

  1. 00-cover-monkey.jpg
  2. 01-fridawithmohawk.jpg
  3. 02-greenhands.jpg
  4. 03-twowomenwithbeehive.jpg
  5. 04-manhugginghimself.jpg
  6. 05-handsholdingheart.jpg
  7. 06-butterflies.jpg
  8. 07-mercado.jpg
  9. 08a-politicalposterwithrat.jpg
  10. 08b-politicalposterwithwoman.jpg
  11. 08c-politicalposterwithcampesino.jpg
  12. 08d-politicalposterwithcops.jpg
  13. 09-bananas.jpg
  14. 10-manwithgoatee.jpg
  15. 11-owl.jpg
  16. 12-manwithsmoke.jpg
  17. 13-chubaka.jpg
  18. 14-1968olympics.jpg
  19. 15-libertadalospresos.jpg
  20. 16a-womanwithtattoos.jpg
  21. 16b-womanwithtattoos.jpg
  22. 16z-textbetweenwomen.jpg
  23. 17-canineunicorn.jpg
  24. 18-tromboneplayer.jpg
  25. 19-machetewoman.jpg
  26. 20-mothermary.jpg
  27. 21-iguana.jpg
  28. 22-maneki-neko.jpg
  29. 23-womanwithclouds.jpg
  30. 24-satanandheads.jpg
  31. 25-manwithbaseballcap.jpg
  32. 26-blobs.jpg
  33. 27-gentrificator.jpg
  34. 28-graffititagwithkyle.jpg
  35. 29-transhumanbaby.jpg
  36. 30-womaninbluebackground.jpg
  37. 31-leopard.jpg
  38. 32-toucans.jpg
  39. 33-skullswithpill.jpg
  40. 34-technologicalbirds.jpg
  41. 35-girlinforest.jpg
  42. 36-back-miriamandkyle.jpg


All of the below are for monkeywrench.html.


  1. monkeywrench-20170408-michael-marquesen.mp3: Interview with Michael Marquesen


The Annotated Mountain Goats (~/tmg)

General pages:

  1. buttons.html: Buttons made and given out at tours
  2. index.html: The Annotated Mountain Goats front page
  3. live.html: Live Mountain Goats bootlegs
  4. series.html: Songs in series
  5. songlist.html: Complete index of known songs

Annotated releases:

  1. aed.html: All Eternals Deck
  2. ahwt.html: All Hail West Texas
  3. ambient.html: Selected Goths in Ambient
  4. america.html: See America Right
  5. australia.html: Seven for Australia
  6. babylon.html: Babylon Springs
  7. bedside.html: Bedside Recordings Vol. 1.2
  8. belgium.html: Letter from Belgium
  9. bitter.html: Bitter Melon Farm
  10. blackpear.html: Black Pear Tree
  11. brs.html: Beautiful Rat Sunset
  12. capsules.html: Blood Capsules b/w Dub Capsules
  13. ccst.html: Come, Come to the Sunset Tree
  14. champ.html: Beat the Champ
  15. chile.html: Chile de Árbol
  16. cinema.html: New Asian Cinema
  17. coroner.html: The Coroner's Gambit
  18. dative.html: Taking the Dative
  19. devil.html: Devil in the Shortwave
  20. dilaudid.html: Dilaudid
  21. fire.html: Songs About Fire
  22. flux.html: The Life of the World in Flux
  23. galesburg.html: Full Force Galesburg
  24. ghana.html: Ghana
  25. goths.html: Goths
  26. hafg.html: Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg
  27. heretic.html: Heretic Pride
  28. horace.html: Transmissions to Horace
  29. hospicio.html: Hospicio de Huerfanos
  30. hound.html: The Hound Chronicles
  31. irh.html: Isopanisad Radio Hour
  32. jackfaye.html: Jack & Faye
  33. jam.html: Jam Eater Blues
  34. juhu.html: On Juhu Beach
  35. lonely.html: Get Lonely
  36. mcb.html: Moon Colony Bloodbath
  37. messiah.html: Satanic Messiah
  38. mike.html: Three for Mike G
  39. nbp.html: Nine Black Poppies
  40. nfj.html: Nothing for Juice
  41. online.html: Miscellaneous online releases
  42. peter.html: Songs for Peter Hughes
  43. petronius.html: Songs for Petronius
  44. philyra.html: Philyra
  45. protein.html: Protein Source of the Future... NOW!
  46. raja.html: Orange Raja, Blood Royal
  47. steal.html: Steal Smoked Fish b/w In the Shadow of the Western Hills
  48. stomp.html: Hot Garden Stomp
  49. sunset.html: The Sunset Tree
  50. survivors.html: All Survivors Pack
  51. sweden.html: Sweden
  52. taboo.html: Taboo VI: The Homecoming
  53. tallahassee.html: Tallahassee
  54. thief.html: Why You All So Thief?
  55. tlotwtc.html: The Life of the World to Come
  56. tropical.html: Tropical Depression
  57. wsabh.html: We Shall All Be Healed
  58. yajna.html: Palmcorder Yajna
  59. yam.html: Yam, the King of Crops
  60. youth.html: Transcendental Youth
  61. zopilote.html: Zopilote Machine



All releases have cover and back images named title-cover.jpg and title-back.jpg, located in ~/tmg/media, except for the cassette releases, which are named title-j-card.jpg (with or without -cover and -liner suffixes, depending on the release), and the online releases, which use tmgforums-banner.jpg, tmgsite-banner.jpg, and tmgtwitter-logo.jpg. Button images are located in ~/tmg/buttons/<year>/<button-name>.


Several articles, interviews, and so on are mirrored by necessity to prevent loss of information. All such mirrors are in plain text, are named publication-date.txt, and are located in ~/tmg/mirror. However, they are not listed here to encourage use of the original source when possible.

The below documents are transcriptions of foreign release liner notes and other Mountain Goats source material. Transcriptions of Japanese liner notes are in UTF-8 — if you have trouble reading the Japanese text, please make sure you have a Japanese font installed and that your browswer is Unicode-compatible.

  1. aed-japanese-liner.html: Transcription of the All Eternals Deck Japanese liner notes (UTF-8)
  2. gl-japanese-liner.html: Transcription of the Get Lonely Japanese liner notes (UTF-8)
  3. tallahassee-microsite.html: Transcription of the Tallahassee microsite
  4. wsabh-microsite.html: Transcription of the We Shall All Be Healed microsite
  5. juhu-liner.html: Transcription and translation of the On Juhu Beach Japanese liner notes (UTF-8)