Live recordings of the Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats are phenomenal live. Like many people who love tMG, I adore going to live shows and listening to live recordings. These shows are so amazing for their emotional presence, John's love of his music, and John's famous storytelling between songs. The banter between songs is often as rich as the music itself.

John has said that he's OK with sharing tapings of live shows (see also Nall's FAQ). Consequently, here are the shows that I've found over the years and have been enjoying. They're all out there, as are many others that I'd love to hear. If you'd like to hear something on this list that you can't find, would like to share something that isn't here, or have corrections or more information about any of these shows, I would love to hear from you. I'm not able to share all of these shows, unfortunately, so please be understanding, but I like to help when I can. Don't be shy if you have something to offer: I believe in the value of tape trading and enjoy meeting fellow fans.

Two notes require some explanation. "Incomplete" is used when the available tape does not contain the entire show, while "partially available" is used when a more complete recording exists, only a subset of which is available for download. Tapes that I have made personally can be found here.

Listings to downloads that have no link have been removed by the taper for a variety of reasons, but were once available there.

As the Mountain Goats

Unknown Event - venue, location Download Notes  
? Unknown venue      
? WVFS station ID      
1992 KSPC session butter Incomplete  
1992 KUCI session      
1992-07-18 Casa de Badger, Pomona butter    
1992-07-22 Munchie's, Pomona      
1992-12-06 Munchie's, Pomona      
1992-12-12 KUCI session      
1992-12-31 Unknown venue   Incomplete  
1993-03-07 Walker Lounge, Pomona      
1994 Unknown venue, Columbus butter    
1994-08-18 Under Acme, New York      
1994-08-23 Baystate, Northampton      
1995-01-15 Chameleon, San Francisco butter    
1995-04 Fast Forward II YouTube Video  
1995-04-15 Underground, Cologne      
1995-04-20 Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium   Incomplete  
1995-04-19 VPRO session      
1996-01-15 Brownie's, New York      
1996-01-18 WNUR session   Show info  
1996-03-14 Broadway Kino, Essen, Germany butter    
1996-03-16 Lintfabrik, Kontich, Belgium butter    
1996-03-20 The Garage, London    
1996-03-23 Covent Garden Rough Trade, London butter    
1996-08-30 Knitting Factory, New York      
1996-09-11 Argo, Denton butter    
1996-11-02 Gothenburg Radio session   Incomplete  
1996-11-07 VPRO session butter    
1996-11-22 Slattery's, Dublin   Incomplete  
1997 VPRO session, De Avonden, Muziek Uit Studio Amstel Volume 1      
1997-03-04 New York University, New York      
1997-04-04 Duke Coffeehouse, Durham butter    
1997-06-12 University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison butter    
1997-06-14 Zoot's, Detroit      
1997-06-17 Brownie's, New York    
1997-06-22 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro YouTube Incomplete  
1997-07-16 Yo-Yo-a-Go-Go Festival, Capitol Theater, Olympia butter    
1997-12-06 Empty Bottle, Chicago butter    
1998-02-06 Cow Haus, Tallahassee    
1998-02-07 Vinyl Fever, Tallahasse butter    
1998-04-04 Duke Coffeehouse, Durham   Incomplete  
1998-04-12 Brownie's, New York butter    
1998-04-17 Terrastock II - Custer Avenue Stages, San Francisco      
1998-04-23 Blackwatch Pub, Claremont butter    
1998-10-10 Rocket Bar, St. Louis butter    
1999-01-27 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro butter    
1999-01-30 CD Exchange, Bloomington      
1999-07-23 CBGB's, New York butter    
1999-10-09 Crossing Border, Amsterdam      
1999-12-02 Unknown venue, Columbus      
2000 SPIN session, CMJ Music Marathon YouTube: (1), (2) Video  
2000-02-06 Press, Claremont      
2000-02-17 VPRO session      
2000-10-15 Go! Rehearsal Studios, Room 4, Carrboro butter    
2000-10-19 WFMU session WFMU, sashwap    
2001-04-21 Olde Club, Swarthmore butter    
2001-06-23 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco butter    
2001-08-03 40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia butter    
2002 Brave New Waves, CBC session butter    
2002-02-27 Cafe du Nord, San Francisco      
2002-03-07 Independent Media Center, Urbana butter    
2002-03-08 Empty Bottle, Chicago butter    
2002-03-08 WNUR session butter    
2002-03-10 Green Room, Iowa City    
2002-03-11 M-Shop, Ames      
2002-10-08 McGarrigle's, Sligo, Ireland butter    
2002-10-09 Raidio na Life session      
2002-10-09 Cobblestone, Dublin      
2002-10-23 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco    
2002-11-01 Empty Bottle, Chicago butter    
2002-12-07 VPRO Amstel Festival, Amsterdam   cf. the companion tEG set  
2002-11-13 Opalis, Norman, Oklahoma YouTube Video  
2003-01-15 VPRO session      
2003-01-22 VPRO session      
2003-02-06 Spitz, London      
2003-02-13 Peel session butter    
2003-02-14 Substanz, Munich      
2003-02-18 Uffes Kallare, Vaxjo, Sweden butter    
2003-03-14 Hideout, Austin      
2003-04-04 Court Square Theater, Harrisonburg butter    
2003-04-09 Will's Pub, Orlando butter Also known as Razed to the Ground  
2003-06-06 Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis    
2003-06-27 Mofo Festival - Mains d'Oeuvres, Paris butter    
2003-07-02 Guinguette Pirate, Paris, France butter    
2003-09-27 Mercury Hall, Austin    
2003-10-03 Berbati's Pan, Portland butter    
2004-02-01 WXDU session      
2004-02-11 Dennis Kucinich benefit - San Francisco YouTube Video  
2004-02-11 Mills College Chapel, Oakland    
2004-02-18 EARL, Atlanta    
2004-02-26 M-Shop, Ames      
2004-03-02 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia butter    
2004-03-03 Knitting Factory, New York    
2004-03-27 VPRO Zeldzaam Dwars session      
2004-04-08 XFM session sashwap    
2004-04-20 Go! Rehearsal Studios, Room 4, Carrboro      
2004-04-28 Peel session sashwap    
2004-05-21 KEXP session KEXP    
2004-05-26 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco    
2004-07-17 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro      
2004-10-04 Magic Stick, Detroit butter    
2004-10-08 Knitting Factory, New York      
2004-10-11 Black Cat, Washington, DC butter    
2004-10-18 EARL, Atlanta    
2004-10-19 Village Tavern, Mt. Pleasant    
2005-01-26 WELH session sashwap    
2005-04-28 Will's Pub, Orlando butter    
2005-05-01 Transition Video Magazine Issue 001 Transition Video  
2005-05-04 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia    
2005-05-05 Knitting Factory, New York    
2005-05-07 Northsix, Brooklyn    
2005-05-14 NPR session NPR    
2005-06-16 KEXP session KEXP    
2005-06-18 China Clipper, Olympia    
2005-06-19 Neumo's, Seattle    
2005-06-20 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland    
2005-06-21 Wow Hall, Eugene    
2005-06-23 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco    
2005-07-02 Old American Can Factory, Brooklyn    
2005-07-04 Fulton Mall Parking Garage, Brooklyn    
2005-10-12 Canopy Club, Urbana    
2005-10-13 Open End Gallery, Chicago    
2005-10-14 Empty Bottle, Chicago    
2005-10-17 Lee's Palace, Toronto    
2005-10-18 Buffalo Icon, Buffalo    
2005-10-20 Uptown Theatre, Washington, Pennsylvania    
2005-10-23 Lunt Hall Basement, Haverford College    
2005-10-27 Remis Auditorium, Boston    
2005-10-28 Fuel Rocket Club, Hanover    
2005-10-29 Bowery Ballroom, New York    
2005-10-31 Knitting Factory, New York    
2005-11-05 Duke Coffeehouse, Durham    
2006-06-09 Neumo's, Seattle YouTube: (1), (2), (3) Incomplete, video  
2006-06-13 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco    
2006-08-10 40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia    
2006-08-03 BBC 6 session      
2006-08-21 KEXP session KEXP    
2006-08-22 Amoeba Music, San Francisco    
2006-09-16 Empty Bottle, Chicago    
2006-09-20 Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh    
2006-09-21 Sonar, Baltimore YouTube Incomplete, video  
2006-09-24 Pearl Street Clubroom, Northampton    
2006-09-26 Middle East, Cambridge, Massachusetts    
2006-09-29 Club Europa, Brooklyn    
2006-09-30 Bowery Ballroom, New York    
2006-10-01 Bowery Ballroom, New York    
2006-10-23 Gargoyle, St. Louis    
2006-11-03 EARL, Atlanta    
2006-12-02 Gold Student Center, Claremont    
2006-12-18 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro      
2007-01-02 Club Capitol, Perth    
2007-03-07 Independent, San Francisco    
2007-03-08 Independent, San Francisco    
2007-06-13 Daytrotter session Daytrotter    
2007-06-16 Zoop - Farm Sanctuary, New York Incomplete  
2007-06-17 Zoop - Farm Sanctuary, New York    
2007-07-22 Rhino Records, Claremont  
2007-09-20 Black Cat, Washington, DC  
2007-09-21 Sonar, Baltimore  
2007-09-22 North Star Bar, Philadelphia  
2007-09-30 Middle East, Cambridge, Massachusetts    
2007-10-01 Bowery Ballroom, New York    
2007-11-02 Gardner Lounge, Grinnell    
2007-11-03 Slowdown, Omaha    
2007-11-15 Empty Bottle, Chicago    
2008-02 One Shot Seattle session one shot seattle Video  
2008-02-02 Weekend America session Weekend America    
2008-02-29 Bimbo's 365, San Francisco      
2008-03-01 Independent, San Francisco      
2008-03-02 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco (alternate)    
2008-03-04 Fair Game session      
2008-03-04 Troubadour, Los Angeles      
2008-03-05 Troubadour, Los Angeles      
2008-03-11 WNYC session WNYC, NPR    
2008-03-14 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston    
2008-03-15 Middle East, Cambridge, Massachusetts    
2008-03-19 Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn    
2008-03-20 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia butter    
2008-03-22 Black Cat, Washington, DC    
2008-04-09 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro YouTube Incomplete, video  
2008-05-16 Masonic Temple, Brooklyn nyctaper    
2008-05-26 Daytrotter session Daytrotter    
2008-10-13 Park West, Chicago    
2008-10-14 Pabst Theater, Milwaukee    
2008-10-17 Bluebird Theater, Denver    
2008-10-21 Wonder Ballroom, Portland    
2008-10-25 Troubadour, Los Angeles      
2008-11-03 Republic, New Orleans    
2008-11-07 Theater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia  
2008-11-08 Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn nyctaper    
2008-11-09 Webster Hall, New York nyctaper    
2008-12-05 Manning Bar, Sydney    
2009-02 Ships and Dip V, Caribbean YouTube: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6) Incomplete, video  
2009-02-24 City Arts and Lectures - Herbst Theatre, San Francisco    
2009-02-25 Swedish-American Hall, San Francisco    
2009-03-20 Attucks Theatre, Norfolk, Virginia    
2009-03-21 Sixth and I Historic Synagogue, Washington, DC    
2009-03-25 Somerville Theater, Somerville butter    
2009-03-27 Ethical Culture Hall, New York nyctaper    
2009-04-02 Courtyard Cafe, Urbana    
2009-04-06 Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington    
2009-06-13 Zoop II - Farm Sanctuary, New York    
2009-06-14 Zoop II - Farm Sanctuary, New York    
2009-08-14 Durham Armory, Durham Be Easy Festival butter    
2009-10-05 WNYC session WNYC    
2009-10-13 Point Ephémère, Paris YouTube Incomplete, video  
2009-11-09 MPR session butter    
2009-11-10 Showbox, Seattle YouTube Incomplete, video  
2009-11-14 Fillmore, San Francisco YouTube Incomplete, video  
2009-11-22 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta    
2009-11-27 9:30 Club, Washington, DC    
2009-11-28 Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia    
2009-12-01 Webster Hall, New York nyctaper (alternate)    
2009-12-02 Bell House, Brooklyn nyctaper    
2009-12-07 KEXP session      
2010-01-03 NPR session - Tiny Desk Concert NPR Video  
2010-03-14 Social, Orlando breathmint    
2010-04-11 Zoo, Brisbane    
2010-05-16 American Theater Company, Chicago      
2010-09 End of the Road - Larmer Tree Gardens, North Dorset, England   Incomplete  
2010-09-09 Koko, London YouTube Incomplete, partially available, video  
2010-10-08 Austin City Limits Festival interview YouTube Video  
2010-11-12 Chapman University, Orange butter    
2010-11-12 Memorial Hall, Chapman University butter    
2010-12-14 Sir Arne's Treasure - Castro Theater, San Francisco  
2011-03-28 Bowery Ballroom, New York    
2011-03-29 KEXP session KEXP    
2011-03-30 Bowery Ballroom, New York YouTube Incomplete, video  
2011-03-30 WNYC session WNYC    
2011-04-03 Opera House, Toronto    
2011-04-04 SPIN session SPIN Video  
2011-04-05 Vic Theatre, Chicago (alternate)    
2011-04-07 Sound of Young America interview Maximum Fun    
2011-04-08 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro    
2011-04-08 WUNC session      
2011-04-11 Wexner Center, Columbus    
2011-04-14 Ottobar, Baltimore (alternate)    
2011-05-11 WXPN session NPR    
2011-05-22 Whelan's, Dublin YouTube Incomplete, video  
2011-05-25 Koko, London YouTube Incomplete, video  
2011-06-07 AV Club session The Onion Video  
2011-06-14 Varsity Theater, Minneapolis    
2011-06-23 El Rey Theater, Los Angeles    
2011-06-24 Soho Restaurant, Santa Barbara  
2011-06-26 Rhino's Youth Media Center, Bloomington    
2011-05-03 WFUV session      
2011-08-05 Lollapalooza - Playstation Stage, Chicago butter Video  
2011-10-29 Littlefield NYC, Brooklyn YouTube, YouTube Incomplete, video  
2011-11-18 Wits, Minnesota Public Radio - Fitzgerald Theater, Minneapolis Wits Partially available  
2011-12-07 Letters to Santa - Second City, Chicago      
2011-12-16 Troubadour, Los Angeles      
2011-12-21 AV Club session The Onion Video  
2012-01-17 Old Ideas with New Friends session Columbia Records Video  
2012-01-21 Tipitina's, New Orleans    
2012-01-31 Visulite Theatre, Charlotte    
2012-02-17 Fuse interview YouTube Video  
2012-03-13 The Music of the Rolling Stones benefit, Carnegie Hall, New York   Incomplete  
2012-03-24 Kaufman Center Ecstatic Music Fest - New York      
2012-03-28 Bowery Ballroom, New York nyctaper    
2012-03-29 Bowery Ballroom, New York nyctaper    
2012-03-30 Bowery Ballroom, New York nyctaper    
2012-04-02 Barbican, London, England      
2012-04-21 Gargoyle, St Louis Facebook Video  
2012-05-06 Metro, Sydney    
2012-05-09 Toff in Town, Melbourne    
2012-06-01 NPR session - Cabinet of Wonders #2 NPR    
2012-06-22 Rio Theatre, Vancouver    
2012-06-25 Mission Theatre, Portland      
2012-06-27 Swedish-American Hall, San Francisco    
2012-06-28 Swedish-American Hall, San Francisco (alternate)    
2012-06-30 McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica    
2012-07-01 McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica  
2012-07-03 Folk Music Center, Claremont  
2012-08-30 Judge John Hodgman #73 - Gavelbangers Ball Maximum Fun    
2012-09-01 Front Porch Festival, Wente Vineyards, Livermore    
2012-09-01 Front Porch session YouTube: (1), (2)    
2012-09-06 Judge John Hodgman #74 - The Split Screen Decision Maximum Fun    
2012-09-08 Hopscotch, Durham      
2012-09-19 WNYC session WNYC    
2012-10-13 Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn nyctaper    
2012-10-15 Bowery Ballroom, New York    
2012-10-16 Bowery Ballroom, New York nyctaper    
2012-10-18 Daytrotter session Daytrotter    
2012-10-22 Calvin College interview      
2012-10-27 Vic Theatre, Chicago    
2012-11-04 Keith-Albee Theatre, Huntington, West Virginia    
2012-11-29 Terminal West, Atlanta      
2012-11-29 FPK After Dark interview WFPK    
2012-12-12 Masonic Lodge, Hollywood Forever Cemetery YouTube Partially available  
2012-12-13 Origami Records, Los Angeles      
2012-12-13 Troubadour, Los Angeles    
2012-12-16 opbmusic session opbmusic    
2012-12-17 Backstage at Mountain Stage interview with Larry Groce YouTube Video  
2012-12-17 WFUV session      
2012-12-17 KEXP session KEXP    
2012-12-17 Showbox, Seattle      
2013-01-15 An Evening of Awesome at Carnegie Hall, New York YouTube Video  
2013-01-16 FSG Originals - Studio X, New York City FSG: (1), (2) Video  
2013-01-20 Rock for Roe - Pinhook, Durham YouTube Incomplete, video  
2013-02-20 Judge John Hodgman #98 - All Dogs Go to Trial - Sketchfest, San Francisco Maximum Fun    
2013-03-04 WTF with Marc Maron #366 WTF    
2013-06-03 9:30 Club, Washington, DC   Incomplete  
2013-06-04 Strand, York, Pennsylvania      
2013-06-05 Maxwell's, Hoboken nyctaper    
2013-06-07 Center Church on-the-Green, New Haven YouTube Partially available  
2013-06-08 Portland City Music Hall, Maine      
2013-06-12 Majestic Theater, Detroit    
2013-06-14 Taft Theatre Ballroom, Cincinnati    
2013-06-15 Buskirk-Chumley Theatre, Bloomington    
2013-06-16 SPACE, Evanston, Illinois YouTube Incomplete, video  
2013-06-19 Record Bar, Kansas City YouTube Incomplete, video  
2013-06-22 Bottletree, Birmingham, Alabama    
2013-06-24 Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale YouTube Incomplete, video  
2013-06-27 Lincoln Hall, Chicago YouTube Incomplete, video  
2013-07-06 Festival for the Eno, Durham    
2013-07-26 Newport Folk Festival - Fort Adams State Park, Rhode Island NPR Video partially available  
2013-07-28 Bele Chere Festival, Asheville YouTube Incomplete, video  
2013-08-10 NPR interview NPR    
2013-08-13 SPIN interview SPIN Video  
2013-09-17 Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival Vimeo Incomplete, video  
2013-10-07 BBC Radio Bristol interview BBC    
2013-10-07 St George's, Bristol    
2013-10-08 Union Chapel, London YouTube Video  
2013-10-09 Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester YouTube Incomplete, video  
2013-10-13 People's Place, Amsterdam    
2013-10-19 Apolo, Barcelona      
2014-04-14 AV Club interview - Pioneering NYC AV Club Video  
2014-04-16 Somerville Theater, Somerville YouTube Video  
2014-04-19 Laurie's Planet of Sound, Chicago    
2014-04-19 Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago    
2014-04-20 Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago    
2014-04-30 Pinhook, Durham YouTube Video  
2014-05-14 Kresge Recital Hall, Galesburg, Illinois YouTube Incomplete, video  
2014-05-29 Tumblr Writers BEA Party reading      
2014-06-05 Gothic Theatre, Denver YouTube Incomplete, video  
2014-06-11 Wonder Ballroom, Portland      
2014-06-13 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco    
2014-06-14 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco    
2014-06-15 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco    
2014-06-17 The Mayan, Los Angeles    
2014-06-18 Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix    
2014-06-21 Fitzgerald's, Houston YouTube Incomplete, video  
2014-06-27 Boys Rock for Girls Rock - Haw River Ballroom, Saxapahaw, North Carolina YouTube Incomplete, video  
2014-07-25 Merge 25 - Cat's Cradle, Carrboro YouTube: (1), (2), (3) Incomplete, video  
2014-09-10 Monsters of Talk interview Monsters of Talk    
2014-09-14 Weekend Edition interview NPR    
2014-09-17 Fresh Air interview NPR    
2014-09-17 WNYC interview WNYC    
2014-10-06 Bullseye interview Maximum Fun    
2014-10-22 Los Angeles Review of Books AV interview LARB AV Video  
2014-10-23 Kreative Kontrol interview #140 Kreative Kontrol    
2014-10-30 KCRW interview KCRW    
2015-01-22 Ask Me Another interview NPR    
2015-01-25 Sketchfest, San Francisco      

Occasionally, I find live recordings of songs which have no information connected to them about where or when they were played. At present, thanks largely to the exceptional memories of Stephen Plummer and Caliclimber, I only have two such tracks: Mutiny in Heaven (Birthday Party cover) and Loch Lomond. If you have any ideas about where these could be from, please be in touch!

As the Extra Lens or Extra Glenns

Date Event - venue, location Download Notes
? Unknown Incomplete
1992-12-06 Munchie's, Pomona    
1995-09-21 Empty Bottle, Chicago    
2000-03-05 Absolutely Kosher House, San Francisco    
2002-12-07 VPRO Amstel Festival, Amsterdam   cf. the companion tMG set
2010-10-21 Mercury Lounge, New York nyctaper  
2010-10-22 KEXP session KEXP  

As the Seneca Twins

Date Event - venue, location Download Notes
1995-11-25 Empty Bottle, Chicago   See index

Other sources of live show information