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Kyle Barbour

GPG fingerprint: EA14 063D 969C 1DAA 5F97 8B00 2188 6871 A960 E276

Privacy is a right — use email encryption! Please send me encrypted mail if you're able to do so. You can find my public key here or via one of the popular public keyservers such as MIT's. If you'd like to learn how to encrypt or sign your mail, or just learn more about encryption, see the Free Software Foundation's excellent website. If you'd like to call or text me, please consider using Signal, which is free, open source software that provides end-to-end encryption for text and voice.

If you're here because of the Annotated Mountain Goats, you can access it directly using the following URL:

You can also send me mail there directly (and please do send me your thoughts, feedback, criticisms, corrections, and such!) using the second of those emails, although my main address will work as well.

MRI of Kyle's brain.

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Why .org? RFC 1591.

I believe in standards compliance and accessibility. Every webpage on this site validates as HTML 5 and all CSS files validate as CSS 3. For more information, visit the W3C validator (CSS).

This website was written with vim on Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu systems. The site is generated with Jekyll using kramdown, an excellent extended implementation of Markdown, to produce the HTML. Many of the non-HTML documents were written in LaTeX, particularly using the TeX Live distribution. I highly recommend all of these fine pieces of software. The site is currently hosted by the excellent and inimitable St John Karp, and the design is heavily influenced by JT Olds.

If you see something anywhere on this site that could be done more cleanly or semantically, I'd love to hear about it so I can fix it.