Curriculum vitae

It's pretty lame to post your own CV, isn't it? I end up referencing it a lot, though, and it contains pretty much all my academic work, so I hope it's useful if you're interested in knowing those sorts of things. More information on my work in general is here.

I don't trust awards and honors and think the world would be a better place if we didn't have competitions over such things. Bobby Sands was right: everyone has their own particular part to play, and our most important contributions are not the things we are recognized or remunerated for, but are our acts of kindness, solidarity, and love. That said, to my discomfort I've included them here as sometimes they help lend credence to one's work and it is nice to occasionally be recognized.


My CV is written in LaTeX using a custom document class based on the base article class. I compile these from YAML using a Jekyll Liquid template to allow for output variants. Feel free to modify and adapt these to your needs:

Anyway, here it is!